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Book Reviews: Manners Stink: Starring Kennedy

written by: mimi

Hey Everybody!! Hope your weekend was well.

I haven’t done much in the area of reviews but I am starting to get some pitches so I am very anxious to give you my opinions on some products and the such. *Don’t freak out* this will not turn into a review only blog! I only plan to review items I think will be beneficial to you in some form or fashion.

I was recently sent a copy of a children’s book entitled “Manners Stink” by Demika Caldwell. When I pulled it out of the mailbox I was floored at how awesome the illustrations were before I read a word of the story.

The story is based on the author’s own daughter Kennedy, and her trip to an etiquette class or ed-a-kit as stated by Kennedy in the book! I enjoyed the book for a number of reasons. In being truly honest, there are few children’s books that I have come across that I feel my children can relate to when it comes to diversity. I loved that Demika made it a point to include all races of children through out the story’s plot and illustrations.

The prose in which the book was written made me feel as if Kennedy wrote it. That’s a great thing seeing that this is a children’s book. My son loved the story and even learned a thing or two about manners. I am looking forward to her follow up “Stinky Boys”! Please make sure to support Demika and her growing collection of children’s books. We often get caught up in providing clothing and other necessities for our children forgetting that books/reading are integral components to our children’s educational growth.

Demika Caldwell lives in Chicago, IL with her husband and two daughters Kennedy and Kaitlyn. You can connect with Demika via Twitter, Facebook, and her Blog

I’ll leave you with my son’s favorite illustration from the book! Dueces or Peace…you choose!

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