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Book Reviews: Manners Stink!

Having children you learn quick that manners is a definite must. Things you may have thought were fine to do around your spouse or in the comfort of your home you definitely find are not okay once you have kids.

My husband and I try very hard to teach our children good manners and I love books that help my children learn about manners and encourage them to use them. Recently we were introduced to Manners Stink, starring Kennedy by Demika Caldwell.

My daughter immediately thought this was a book just for her with the girl and pink cover. We sat down to read only for my sons to come in to hear the story as well. The book is about a smart, cute little girl that over her favorite holiday season her mom sends her to a day Etiquette class, something that Kennedy things is horrible and what is Etiquette anyway. You read about her day at class and how it was not that great, only for her to realize that manner are important as she points them out to her friends. In the end realizing she learned lots and manners don't stink after all.

My kids loved the illustrations and have to point out all my "bad" manners to me, so they were listening and enjoying every bit of this book. A cute, fun read for children 3-8! You can purchase Manners Stink at as well as CreateSpace.




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